Hi World, I’m Bridget!

My name is Bridget Kent. I’m from Cincinnati, OH, USA and I love to travel!

In 25 years I’ve been to almost 40 states in the USA, and nearly 20 countries. My family and I have been to some amazing places, and I look forward to sharing those stories with you.

If you ask anyone I have traveled with they will tell you that I take WAY too many pictures. While I hate to admit it, they are probably right. But, to me, each photo of mine instantly brings me back to exactly how I was feeling at a moment of time in my life. 

This photo is of me and my younger brother Steven. He is my travel partner in crime! On this day, in August 2012, we were at our first London 2012 Olympic event to see Women’s Handball. Looking around and seeing the Olympic Rings every where I turned was truly inspiring.

This moment is why I travel. We were just two American kids looking for a trip of a lifetime. And we achieved that and so much more. 

We even started a USA chant at Wimbledon for the Olympic quarterfinals tennis match between Roger Federer and John Isner, but that’s for another post. 

I’d love to hear about your travel stories and dreams. Comment below with your own trip of a life time.

Safe travels!


I’d love for you to follow me on Instragram @travelismyeverything! Thanks!


6 thoughts on “Hi World, I’m Bridget!

  1. Hi Bridget, so excited for you…my husband and I also have the travel bug and look forward to learning how we can do this in a more cost effective way. With all you have done and places you have travelled, I am certain you have good insights. Kudos on your blog!!

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